Welcome to the Pertubuhan Pengurusan Pusat Jagaan 1 Malaysia


Our Purpose

PPPJ1M is strictly a non-profit organization that takes on itself the responsibility to take care of orphans and children who has got nowhere else to go. It is our vision to help as many children as possible.


What We Do

Here at PPPJ1M, we offer all children regardless of their ethnicity a “muhibbah” styled sanctuary that gives them protection, guidance and a chance to develop themselves to become a responsible and a healthy adult who in the future will become a valuable asset to our diverse community. Every child under our care will be taught proper moral values and will be encouraged to express themselves and pursue what they hope to achieve in life. We hope we are able to provide for them everything that a family should and for us to be able to act as their teacher, their surrogate parents, their friend and most importantly their confidante.